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So instead of waiting until such a high rank, you could unlock the BAR as one of the first things you do in multiplayer.

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If you don't have a Prestige Unlock token, then the Grease Gun is a decent all-rounder until you start hitting the higher ranks. It's also worth experimenting with different Divisions to get the most out of your preferred playstyle, giving you bonus perks as you get XP from match plays and wins. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.

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Maneuvering in midair will be important as you'll have to attempt to hit the green signal flares when you make a jump; landing anywhere else will cause you to land amongst your enemies. This can sometimes be advantageous, but in most cases will cause you to quickly get dead.

Take the time in training to figure out how to flare and grease your landings. If you need more time to scout your dropzone on the way down, you can flare your chute, which will temporarily slow you down. That'll let you move a bit further laterally than you would otherwise, and will also let you make a softer landing than you will if you simply drop to the ground. Flaring only lasts a few seconds, though, so if you want to make a flared landing you'll have to time your button presses so that you flare just before you reach the ground.

Lastly, you can grease your landing by pressing forward on your analog stick while you're gliding down towards your drop zone. If you have a bit of space to move forward to, you'll hit the ground running and be able to save a few seconds of recovery time, allowing you to recover and get your weapon up that much more quickly. Practice these techniques on the three training jumps that you have here while trying to get as close as possible to the green smoke flares. You have a lot of leeway in terms of how close you need to be to pass, and your performance here doesn't really affect the rest of the game, so just get used to the mechanics and move on to the first real mission.

We like the MP40 a bit more than the Browning, as it seems to be a bit easier to aim, but either one will do you fine. The sniper's tower near town hall, just to the south, has a destroyed rooftop. Land on the walkway inside of it. The building just to the north of town hall has a balcony. Find the chute there, then flare your landing and press forward to land on it; it's covered.

Church Steeple: Near the northeastern green landing zone, there's a church. Land atop the steeple tower. Small Rooftop: If you glide down to the eastern side of the city, you'll see an alleyway that isn't part of the main road of the town. There's a small, half-destroyed rooftop here that you need to land on. It's difficult to see from the air, but if you land in the road and look around, you'll spot the chute.

If you head towards the Northeast Gate AA gun, you'll come under an archway. See the parachute? You need to land through that window. Note that although the gate is the Northeast Gate, it'll actually appear on your compass to be in the southwestern portion of the city. Go figure. You can find ways of getting onto the rooftops here if you look around; doing so will let you fire down on your foes. Your mission here is to drop into the town of Adanti and secure it by eliminating the garrison and destroying the AA guns that are firing on your planes as they coast overhead.

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When you hop out of the plane, get started by dropping down into either one of the green landing zones. You'll be safe in these zones, even if you happen to botch the landing, so take your time to get set up and get your bearings. The four AA guns are separated out into three zones, with one on either end of town and two atop the Mayor's house in the middle of town.

Don't be afraid to take your time and get used to the firing controls here; they're a bit different than in most games and will take a bit of practice to use effectively. The two things you really want to get used to doing are crouching behind cover and using the ironsights view to peek over and around obstacles so that you can fire on your foes without exposing yourself to too much fire.

A Guide to Airborne Weapons.

You can fire without aiming inside buildings, when you're really close to your enemies, but if you try it on the streets, you won't be able to hit anything. Tip: One of the achievements on the involves shooting an enemy while moving in ironsights mode. To do this, hold the left trigger to enter ironsights, then click and move the left analog stick to move around. This can be useful for slightly adjusting your aim if you can't lean out from behind cover, but in most cases won't be too necessary.

You can take on the four AA guns in any order you like, but you'll probably hit either the northeast gate or Hill Houses before clearing out the Town Hall. When you do reach the Town Hall, it's probably worthwhile to move back across the street from it and clear out the building across the way before charging into the mayor's residence. Note that there are a couple of snipers in the tall tower to the left of the Town Hall; you can clean them out if you like, but they don't seem to drop weapons for you. If you head up into the sniper's tower near town hall, you'll be able to fire onto the soldiers on the roof.

You'll need to be pretty aggressive to get into Town Hall, so pick off the defenders on the steps the sniper's roosts are good for eliminating the machinegunner and any other soldiers in the area , then start heading up towards the door. There's another MG inside the front doors, so head down to the far side of the outside of the building where you can find a separate door into a smaller room.

Clear it out, then start charging upstairs. There are plenty of enemies in the rooms here, so you may want to start using grenades to clear them out. Tip : Grenades are useful if you just throw them, since they'll flush enemies out from cover, but if you want to actually kill people with them, you'll need to cook them a bit.

Most grenades will explode around three seconds after you pull the pin, so if you hold them in your hand by holding down the grenade throw button for one second or so after pulling it, you can throw them by releasing the button and they'll detonate much more quickly after they get where they're going, giving your enemies less time to flee. Be careful, though, as holding the button for too long will cause the grenade to explode in midair, or even in your hand.

After destroying all of the AA guns, you'll be told to reinforce a Sergeant Setzer. Do your best to restore your ammo as you move back through the town towards the rendezvous point. When you reach Setzer, head across the roadway and into the building there. That'll let you move up to the second floor and get to a position where you can fire down onto the Germans, or throw grenades at them. Make your way through their positions until you reach the sniper team, where you can trade your Garand for a Springfield sniper rifle.

Duck under the window and peek above it to spot the German Commander in the window across the way. Zoom in on him up on the directional pad on the controller , then pop him in the head to dust him. With that done, you'll have to head back to the center of town and help repel a counterattack. Snipe your way through the Germans that block your egress if you move a bit past the MG42, one of your teammates will use it to provide suppressing fire , then regroup with your comrades.

At this point, you'll have to head back into town hall and take out the German officers and soldiers that have found their way back inside. It's best to approach on the right side of the building; there's a stone stairwell that will lead up to the right doorway of the building. You can destroy the Germans on the porch from the stairwell, then hop over to enter the building.

After that, it's a relatively simple matter to clear the building and eliminate the three officers inside to end the mission. Near the eastern drop flare, look along the aqueduct that lines the road to spot a parachute and land through the opening there. To the west of the ammo depot that you destroy, there's an easy-to-miss set of stonework excavations.

If you stick to the top of it, you can find a parachute. Land through the opening in the ceiling. Try to hit one of the two green zones here when landing; you should have enough room to flare or grease the landing to get you up and running. You have two beginning objectives here, with one being some destruction objectives against the fuel and ammo depots to the east and the other being to take out the communications arrays to the west.

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As per usual, you can attempt these in any order, but it's probably a bit easier to proceed by heading to the east and taking out the fuel containers first. There's actually a rear entrance to the motor depot where the fuel is being stored; if you head to the green smoke signal nearest the fuel, then head through the small grove with the low stone walls, you can find a hole in the wall and sneak around to the back entrance to the fuel.

Kill the enemies and then fire your weapons into the large red fuel canisters to destroy them. Run out of the ammo dump before you get toasty! When the two fuel containers are done, you can move on to the ammo cache nearby. Fighting your way into it will be difficult, but if you have a few grenades, you can lighten up the defenses by cooking them and throwing them into the midst of the defenders.

This is close quarters combat, so don't bother with ironsights if you're coming around a corner towards an enemy. When you find the explosives marker, attach your bombs to it, then quickly run out of the ammo depot before the whole thing comes down around your head. To the west, you can find the communications arrays.

To reach them, you'll need to clear out a nest, then head down into the trenches beneath the building. You can pick up the shotgun on your way, but it might not be the best choice here; you'll probably find it more helpful to stick with a rapid-fire weapon like the MP40 or grenades to clean out the trenches. To each his own, but you will definitely want to keep a distance weapon, like the Springfield, Garand, or G When you clear the trenches, you'll come to the bottom of the large temple here.

You'll need to get up into the scaffolding in order to clear out the Germans, but this can be difficult, since they'll be firing on you from above. Hang back behind your teammates here and try to get headshots from a distance on the enemies above you.