Animation and Performance Capture Using Digitized Models

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With the largest independent motion capture sound stage in North America, and an expert team of technicians and visual effects artists, Animatrik is a proven provider of stage and location based motion capture and virtual camera services. The company has a reputation for ultra-high quality, and an extensive list of triple-A clients. Our deep knowledge in both film and game production give us the unique ability to create and customize virtual production tools in a way that film key creatives would want to use it. We have an integrated portfolio of partners that solves the most demanding industry challenges.

Our partners are one of our strongest assets.


Think you might fit the bill? Headquartered in Vancouver, it is home to the largest independent motion capture sound stage in North America. Animatrik also operates a second location in Los Angeles, US. Whether its is capturing digital doubles or retargeting fantastical creatures live in camera, Animatrik is the trusted partner to deliver when it gets critical. Video Game Production is demanding the absolute highest quality- making Animatrik the trusted partner of choice.

Motion Capture Animation in After Effects

VR and AR applications have entered the market. The interactive marriage of film and games are leveraging Animatrik to ensure their success. Enables directors and cinematographers to simultaneously visualize CG environments and characters while shooting live action. In real time the system keys out the background, pulls in your CG environment, replaces mocap actors with CG characters while viewing your live action talent. Our stages have heavy load stunt beams along with high ceilings to allow for complex rigging and construction. Capturing animals is not straight forward. We have the experience to deliver a great product on budget.

Animatrik Film Design provides a wide range of services for film, television, animation, and gaming. Motion Capture services encapsulate all aspects of digitizing motion in humans, animals, or other objects. Cubic Motion is the world leader in real-time model-based computer vision and digital animation, bringing extraordinary characters to life across video games, films, broadcast media, and immersive technologies.

Unafraid of the unexpected and sometimes unnerving, our team fuses science and artistry in a mysterious alchemy of their own creation, making us the world leader in real-time model-based computer vision and digital animation. The result is a system that can deliver animated characters who respond and engage with real-world events immediately, and whose performance may be interwoven with human actors.

Can Emotion Be Digitized? An Intriguing Look at the Future of Motion Capture & VFX

This allows the actor to move freely around the stage or performance volume. It is optimised for comfort, stability and ease of use allowing Persona to deliver superb results over prolonged periods. This works in conjunction with the inbuilt infrared lighting to ensure the unambiguous recovery of even the most subtle mouth shapes and poses under a variety of environmental conditions. Each Performance Pipeline is simple to configure using our Identity System. The pipeline is lightweight and battery powered. It may be tethered or wireless and comes with a flexible harness system giving uninhibited freedom to direct actors.

With Persona they can explode onto the stage at your next live event. Connect with fans on social media Let a human actor portray your digital character and make them interactive, responding and engaging to fans in real-time conversations. Use Persona to create short video replies from your characters or even host a live AMA event online! Reuse your existing game and movie assets Persona is able to drive a variety of digital character assets and rigs.

You may not be far from seeing your character face-to-face. Why not fill your stage with famous faces including those no longer with us? Record both video and animation to ensure you leave the session with the complete performance ready for immediate review. We license our products and services for real-time visual tracking and animation in video games, films, broadcast media, virtual and augmented reality. We track and analyze the video data at ultra-high density meaning all nuances of a performance are captured, and then our ever-evolving solving technology allows our Production team to produce top quality and high volume, critical factors required for AAA video games.

With our experienced and talented Production team of over 60 artists we continue to enable game developers to realize their characters.

Our team has vast experience solving to all types of facial rig, and can provide detailed and valuable feedback during production to support the client leading to the highest possible quality being achieved. We record the facial acting performance at our professional studio in Manchester, using our acting talent, and our award-winning real-time facial pipeline to produce volumes of animation not seen before in the industry.

The animation is then passed to our highly talented animation crew leading to high-quality animation that has all the necessary emotion for each line of dialogue. We work closely with our clients and iterate to reach AAA quality.

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We have experience using Unreal, Unity, and proprietary game engines. Facial Rigging Our experienced Production team can design and deliver FACS-based facial rigs constructed via multiple methods including joints, blend shapes, scan data, and wrinkle maps. ONSITE Performance Capture Support Cubic Motion can attend Performance Capture shoots to ensure high-quality data is recorded, this includes the provision of our multi-camera head-mounted unit that is available for purchase or long-term rentals.

Our technology is applicable anywhere accurate measurement of complex objects is needed. Key applications include AR and VR, but the same methods can be applied across many domains, such as industrial inspection and medical image analysis. As a creative agency powered by a software company, Happy Mushroom develops tools and pipelines that give power back to key creatives.

By making the Unreal Engine the center of our process, we are able to produce photo-real 3d assets in previs and carry them through to finals, creating a lossless pipeline across multiple platforms and ultimately enhancing the film making process.

Happy Mushroom empowers key creatives to visualize their story at every stage of production. From storyboards to post-production, we collaborate with you to explore your narrative, design shots and plan technical solutions.

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Our workflow is fast and flexible, merging traditional cinema techniques with cutting edge technology. An extension of the art department, where 3D sets and 3D characters are designed in a real-time workflow. Happy Mushroom offers a premium service, with photo-real lighting rendered in real-time, and professional photogrammetry workflows. Visualize your story at every stage of production.

Our pipeline empowers creatives to experiment with different staging, lighting, camera placement, editing and more without having to incur costs of actual production. Our lossless pipeline ensures your animations and assets are tracked from previs to post. The team at Happy Mushroom has the ability to write software that provides the key creatives solutions for even the most demanding film and game projects.

Our proprietary software allows key creatives to visualize and control their story, making it possible to see the end result in previs, where it matters most. We create high quality real-time assets. Now offering photo-real environments out of the Unreal Engine.

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Offering real-life environment captures and high-res skies for both real-time and traditional VFX pipelines. Our workflow uses Virtual Reality review tools, and HM proprietary tools art direct, track and deploy assets to both traditional and realtime pipelines. We use Virtual Production tools to art direct, explore narrative and design shots. A typical Techvis delivery provides accuracy and clarity of technical challenges.

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Our tools categorize your animations and assets into their corresponding scenes. Always keeping organized. We provide professional mocap services. As the premier manufacture and supplier of all motion capture suits and accessories, our custom motion capture products are unlike any other. Our mocap suit, markers and accessories help capture "the perfect shot". The material is great- super soft. I really like the velcro pants that allow you to tuck the top in- it helps keep things in place.

I also like the drawstring to tighten the pants. The sleeve with the thumb holes is SO much more comfortable than the three elastics that used to go around your fingers. The OptiTrack product line includes motion capture software and high-speed tracking cameras, as well as contract engineering services. Used by facilities worldwide in a variety of markets ranging from film and games to sports training and biomechanics, OptiTrack customers include the top in their respective fields.

Silverdraft focuses on the use of unique supercomputing architecture to address the significant computational and processing needs of high-end rendering, VR, visual effects, and visualization. Custom designed and built to run your creative software at Demonic speeds. Why accept a general-purpose computer when you can have a Demon tuned to the way you work? No one. Visualization is in our DNA, we know your workflows, software, and optimize our hardware to your preferred software.

Whether your game is VFX, VR content creation, or you just want the fastest machine to date, Silverdraft is the solution.

This enterprise experience is for the most demanding designers who are chartered to define the next generation of product and manufacturing. When your applications call for lighting fast CPU speed, we tune our single processor Demon to match your unique demands. Every Devil is custom built to your applications and tasks. Our engineering team provides the support to give you immediate return on your Silverdraft investment.

If you work with photorealistic VR models doing realtime ray-tracing with full global illumination, the Devil delivers. Need the best of both worlds? Do you have different departments requiring different rendering tasks? Our experienced team will work with your creatives to ensure that they have access to the computation horsepower when and how they need it.