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I force myself not to think about things like this. I'll waste a day if I think too much about such things. Either way, as someone who can only live in the living sector, things like these are just way out of my reach. Since this is what Sheltis has decided, then I'll not talk too much about it.

Well, in order to cheer Sheltis up, let us make use of the Stars Festival to enjoy ourselves as much as we can! We'll eat and play a lot! But it seems like the person in question is not too thrilled about it.

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One can get free coupons just by helping out in decorating the streets. With that, we can eat and play as much as we like on the very day! Wait, who will be in charge of getting those coupons? One could see countless colorful balloons floating in the sky. The adults were setting up the stalls, while the children were picking up trash on the streets. The streets are already bustling during the normal days.

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Right now, the temporary stage has already been set up in the plaza for the festival's use, while arching gates has been constructed along the streets. This is a once in a year festival. She was inflating up the balloons with a pump. They will be released into the air during the festival. It is to be held the day after tomorrow, which coincides with the time when the Queen hands over control of Hyouketsu Kyoukai to the Priestesses. During the time when I was taking the test to be a cadre-guard.

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She is covered in a shawl from head to toe, even her face However, she is a really amazing person. One of the reason that Ymy wants to be a Priestess, is because she aspires to be someone like her. The Priestesses that aids her do hold high positions as well, but the Queen is at a level above them all. For the Priestesses, the task of maintaining the absolute barrier - Hyouketsu Kyoukai, is just something over a three days period.

However, the Queen maintains it for a cubic amount of days, which is twenty-seven days. There are rumors that she is the most impressive person ever in history.

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In Orbie Clar, thirty days equate to a month, while twelve months makes a year. The only time where she is relieved of all that, is during the three days where the Priestesses take over. He had been leaping between the roofs of the various buildings to put on the decorations, which was rather tiring. Here, look, there are no more balloons in the box. One can get free coupons for helping out with the festival.

Sheltis was originally thinking of how to obtain coupons for both Yuto and himself, and in the end he had no choice but to do the job load for two person. Alright, I've successfully cleared the job for today. Let us head back down then. The view here is nice, but the winds are slightly too strong. I remember Eyriey has a computer, right?

Are you thinking of something that is up to no good? Because Sheltis will normally not beat around the bush. Stop thinking too much and just shoot. I will be the one to decide if I can do it or not. Well, here I go. She crossed her arms and looked into the distance, while muttering to herself. What she was muttering were high-leveled equations and proofs.

That is a habit of the girl. Whenever she is thinking of something, she will flood her brain with mathematical equations, in order to pressure her mind. This is an illegal act, no matter how you see it. The list that details when and where Yuugenshu are sighted at.

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If possible, please compile the monthly reports into a year, and I need the records for at least ten years. What's wrong with you? I'll make it clear, those data are of second-class security. Does she really understand what I am asking for? Even as someone who is not well versed in the areas of information technology, he could easily imagine how difficult the task will be. For you to agree that easily, it just makes me feel uneasy Is Eyriey just an ordinary girl? Can it be that you are actually some sort of spy for some secret agency? Even though I have not tried it before, I don't think there will be much of a problem.

Come to think of it, this is actually quite interesting. Before he managed to come up with an answer, the teenage girl shrugged her shoulders and gave a wry smile. Is that so? As such, I will have to live on in the living sector as an ordinary person'. To think I had already experienced it myself two years ago.

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For him, the only thing he could do now is to care about Ymy from a place far away. Most people will not be doing that. The reason for your hesitation is due to that, right? Don't go about guessing randomly. I am just concerned about the information on Yuugenshu, due to us having encountered them recently. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. The two conflicting emotions were flickering between Eyriey's eyes. I think Yuto thinks the same as well. In actual fact, you must have been worried about Priestess-sama, right?

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That's quite a difficult question to answer. When being asked if he is worried about Ymy, the answer is a definite yes. That was because, he had yearned to become her Sennenshi more than anyone else. However, two years ago, he had experienced it personally, and realized that it is a wish that can no longer come true.

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Ymy will still be a competent Priestess. Since you have put it that way, I will feel sorry if I am to retort any further. In any case, I'll leave the matter about the data in your hands. However, don't you think you will need to prepare some sort of reward? As you know, I am a night owl, so it will be tough for me to wake up early in the morning. As the front door was not opened, Sheltis entered into the kitchen via the back door.

Good morning. Not sure if I get everything right. Peransa-grass, Garagara-fish, petrified-mushrooms Perfect, everything's there. Interrogation-tortured Garagara-fish, and Stubborn Salad with Peransa-grass and petrified-mushrooms. However, as long as they are cooked properly, they will be very delicious I heard nothing. I shall go back to sleep. Since the market opens in the wee hours, plus the fact that he had been working on the night shift, he had barely gotten any sleep. She asked you to stop by her room for a while when you return. Though Eyriey agreed readily, it would not be strange for her to change her mind within the night.

What's this? He barely managed to maintain the balance of the stacks of papers that were about to fall on his head, by pressing them down with his hands. Before his eyes was a stunning scene. There were probably hundreds They were stacked together pieces by pieces, and the tower of papers had even exceeded the heights of adults. Multiple towers were clustered together in several groups. The originally huge computer and its cables took up a huge portion of the room, and thus there was no longer any room for one to stand on.

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I've printed these out in sequence. She was looking at the screen and tapping on the keyboard with amazing speed. What's with this? Sheltis gave a wry smile at the girl who was concentrating on the screen. That's great.