Scorpion Biology and Research

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World's Deadliest Scorpion? - National Geographic

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This is a confirmation to certify that a description of a new for science scorpion species 26 September Euscorpius Occasional Publications in Scorpiology 26 September Burrowing activities of Scorpio maurus towensendi Arachnida: Scorpionida: Scorpionidae in province of Khouzestan sw Iran 26 September Scorpion Biology 02 October Scorpion Venom and Stings 30 November Scorpions of Iran 23 October You are here: Home. All Rights Reserved. We house numerous scorpions in our animal sanctuary and routinely collect new specimens for further studies.

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  6. Through computational simulation studies, we have shown that a simple vision-based algorithm inspired by bee and ant behavior can successfully recapitulate complex learned routes. We are working on implementing this algorithm in robots.

    Scorpion Biology and Research

    Scorpions battle in the dunes They know where to grab their opponents! Scorpion at its burrow entrance Scorpion ready to pounce!

    Did you know they fluoresce green under UV light?