The Origins of the Koran: Classic Essays on Islam’s Holy Book

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Describe the connection issue. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. The origins of the Koran : classic essays on Islam's holy book. Responsibility edited by Ibn Warraq. Imprint Amherst, N. Physical description p. Online Available online. Full view. Green Library. O74 Unknown. More options. His father died two years later. Warraq claims to have been "shy" for most of his youth.

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By 19 he had moved to Scotland to pursue his education at the University of Edinburgh , where he studied philosophy and Arabic with Islamic studies scholar W. Montgomery Watt. After graduating, Warraq was a primary school teacher in London for five years and moved to France with his wife in , opening an Indian restaurant. He also worked as a courier for a travel agent. During the Rushdie affair , Ibn Warraq noticed there were frequent critical attacks on Christianity and Judaism, but never on Islam, which - according to Warraq - tries to control every single aspect of an individual's life, giving "no scope for independent thinking.

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And, the human rights, the universal declaration of human rights, on several occasions, clashes with various aspects of Islamic law, especially in the treatment of women and non-Muslims. You're born a Muslim and that's it. An apostasy, that is to say, leaving your religion in Islam, is punishable by death. Ibn Warraq continued writing with several works examining the historiography of the Qur'an and Muhammad.

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Other books treated the topic of secular humanist values among Muslims. In , Warraq spent several months working with Christoph Luxenberg , who wrote about Syriac vs. Arabic interpretation of Koranic verse. Although he does not subscribe to any particular religion, [7] he has a higher opinion of humanism than of Islam. Despite his criticisms of Islam , he does not take the view that it cannot be reformed; and he works with liberal Muslims in his group. He has described himself as an atheist [note 3] or an agnostic. Warraq's op-ed pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian in London, [25] and he has addressed governmental bodies all over the world, including the United Nations in Geneva.

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Prior to , Ibn Warraq refused to show his face in public. This was due to fears for his personal safety and also due to his desire to travel to see his family in Pakistan without being denied access to Muslim-majority countries due to his criticism of Islam.

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  7. His face was blacked out on the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society's website. In a review of Why I Am Not a Muslim , Daniel Pipes wrote that "[w]ith few exceptions, he [Warraq] relies almost entirely on the Western tradition of Islamic studies" but concluded that "[d]espite his anger, 'Ibn Warraq' has written a serious and thought-provoking book" calling for "an equally compelling response from a believing Muslim.

    In , Douglas Murray described Ibn Warraq as:. Personally endangered, yet unremittingly vocal, Ibn Warraq leads a trend.

    The origins of the Koran, Classic essays on Islam’s holy book (éd. IBN WARRAQ)

    Like a growing number of people, he refuses to accept the idea that all cultures are equal. Or if he did, he would not be allowed to live. Among his work is criticism of the sources of the Qur'an. In Islamic states this constitutes apostasy. Caschetta concluded that "Ibn Warraq's critique of Said's thought and work is thorough and convincing, indeed devastating to anyone depending on Saidism. In a review of Ibn Warraq's book, Virgins? What Virgins , Rice University historian of Islam David Cook wrote: "As a scholar of Islam myself, I find Ibn Warraq's attitude to be very refreshing, and his scholarship for the most part to be accurate and devastating in pinpointing the weaknesses in Muslim orthodoxy.

    In reviewing Ibn Warraq's compilation The Origins of the Koran, religious studies professor Herbert Berg has labelled him as "polemical and inconsistent" in his writing. Clair Tisdall 's as "not a particularly scholarly essay". He concluded "[i]t seems that Ibn Warraq has included some of the essays not on the basis of their scholarly value or their status as 'classics', but rather on the basis of their hostility to Islam. This does not necessarily diminish the value of the collection, but the reader should be aware that this collection does not fully represent classic scholarship on the Quran.

    Ibn Warraq's] agenda, which is not scholarship, but anti-Islamic polemic. His work, "The Origins of the Koran", is itself based on a polemic by St. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact.

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    I was afraid to become the second Salman Rushdie, I did not want not to die and I had my family to protect. My brother and his family do not know until today that I wrote the book. I do not want that they have to suffer on my account. The Spectator. Archived from the original on 13 January Retrieved 17 January The Religion Report.

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    6. Retrieved 4 August He believes that the great Islamic civilisations of the past were established in spite of the Koran, not because of it, and that only a secularised Islam can deliver Muslim states from fundamentalist madness. Lindsey 30 September