The Whole Journey Cookbook: 180 Delicious Ways to Use Food as Medicine

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It really is a dream come true:. It is my pleasure! With your excited, eager and awesome attitude toward this transition all you can do is succeed! This is a powerful way to think and live by. I love it!!! You must be logged in to post a comment.

Username or Email. Remember Me. Register Lost your password? I want to thank you for all that you have taught me. The confidence and information you taught me is priceless. I am a new women, with a second chance at life! I was a bit disappointed. I had wanted to lose 10 pounds this month, instead I lost 8. I just looked at my myfitness. I just realized I forgot to post Mike and my progress from our first 30 days back on PD. Mike is down 15 lbs, I am down 13 lbs. I have weighed close to a quarter ton at my heaviest and have lost pounds, over half of my body weight!

I know that I will keep off the weight and allow my body to heal itself from all of the abuse I put it through because I am following a Protective Diet.

I am excited to share my progress so far! Today is Day 22 of my 30 Day Detox. I am starting to feel rising energy levels and a great deal of mental clarity and emotional evenness. About 90 days after beginning my PD journey it was time for another round of blood tests. I weighed around lbs for over 30 yrs. In that time, I tried every diet, from Adkins to Weight Watchers, with little success. Sadly, I was still obese, tired, sick and depressed. I was so intrigued when Julie started telling us about it and all the possible benefits it could bring.

I began with skipping breakfast so approximately 16 hours of fasting, then eating lunch and dinner. On PD I have reached all of my health goals.


I am free of my excess weight. I sleep well. My highest was in Joined gyms and bought workout videos. I could lose weight but I could not seem to stay with the program to keep it off. Back in after six months of talking with a naturopath doctor finally convinced me to do HCG injections. I weighed pounds. I took the injections for six weeks and lost 40 pounds. I guess like most younger folks, up until then, I thought I was invincible.

My research brought me to a plant-based diet. I have been practicing a Protective Diet for over 5 years as of this writing — December I have never felt such a sense of freedom and empowerment as I do in my life now. Once I committed to this lifestyle, there was no turning back.

I started eating a protective diet straight from a standard american diet on February 22, after my friend Karla Freeze told me about it. I began my PD journey March 1, Since starting protective diet, I have lost a total of 62 lbs in a little over 9 months! Recently, at age 52, I fell off of a motorized skateboard. I know… I know… but I love to skateboard! Anyway… I broke my knee. I am even more excited about my decision to eat a plant-based diet. It just feels like the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time.

On November 29th, , I was led to the Protective Diet website by a testimonial that I saw on another whole foods plant based group on facebook.

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Thank you, guardian angel, Judi Bryan! Never have I had such success losing weight — and never has losing weight been so easy or so pleasant.

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I know things will slow down as I get closer to my correct weight, but what a great feeling this is. Julie Marie Christensen you sure are a good teacher!

I finally got my little jars and was able to make my first batch of this awesome toothpaste a week ago. This is only one week.

Also, my teeth feel so clean and smooth! I tried it briefly but was unable to stick to the plan. I started at It is amazing how much better healthy food can taste when its prepared the right way. I enjoyed an outstanding Thursday night Football dinner with Julie and Jerry and was pleasantly surprised by how tasty their healthy food is. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and cooking for me Julie!

My Healing Journey - An Update

As I think back to the person I was 30 days ago I am amazed. I felt a desperation and obsession when it came to food. My life revolved around the next meal and the next diet I was failing. I thought I was a good cook but now I am an expert.

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December 2, was the day I changed my life. I found Protective Diet the night before after someone in another plant based group mentioned the name. After going to the website and reading the details, I just knew it was for me! My highest weight, here and my current weight Mid August, I am really excited that I am finally able to fit into some of my older dresses.

Thanks to PD, I was able to shed 33 lbs. A special thanks to Jacquelyn for introducing me to this wonderful group, and for being a great inspiration to me. After studying the oil-free, plant-based, whole food movement for around a year and a half I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I knew I could reverse that from all of the reading I had done. After having 2 babies in 1 year, I was at my heaviest. I discovered when my daughter was 2 weeks old that I have chronic mononucleosis syndrome chronic mono. By the time she was a year and a half, I had mono twice. April 4, …it was a new beginning for me.

I was arguably one of the worst fast-food junkies I know. My cholesterol readings have long been my biggest health issue. I was once tested as high as I have been fighting being pounds overweight most of my life. The only thing that ever seemed to lower my cholesterol before this was regular exercise. But, I could never get it below I have been wanting to write a testimonial for days — but like everything else — life gets in the way. That is what I will write about. Life — this is why I follow a Protective Diet.

Protective Diet saved my life. Baked chips entered my kitchen in March when Julie, the creator of the Protective Diet, suggested I try baking my own from a vegan weight loss group. Three years have passed since I made the decision to start Protective Diet. I have overcome several health concerns and achieved many goals. I have grown and learned so much over these years.

I have shed 68 lbs in 11 months. When I visualized being thin, I never saw myself going from size 22 to baggy size 8!